Why Is History Important

Topics: World War II, Learning, History Pages: 3 (929 words) Published: January 16, 2011
“Were did we come from ?”, “How was it that our society came to be ?” people all around the world ask themselves questions like these to have an explanation or meaning to who they are. The fact is that History can help you understand change and to learn how the society we live in came to be. History can open doors to your heritage and Identity. In addition to helping you understand ‘who we are ’ and ‘how we came to be’ History can also teach us about mistakes made in the past by others so that we can avoid making them again. If you don’t know History you don’t know your culture or your way of life so you might as well never learn you place or part in the world. That’s why most modern nations believe its important that children should learn History because it defines your Identity, your culture and your heritage as well. Also because your culture can be really cool or it might have had an impact in the world that made society what it is today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“How have people evolved and changed over time ?” Wouldn’t it be so much fun to discover how was it that we came all the way from being cavemen to who we are today. Its really Important to know how we have evolved over time and how we have created an advanced society with many new technologies or how we know respect each others opinions and beliefs so that we can live in a peaceful and orderly manner. I mean living the way we live today in the twenty-first century wasn’t possible back then, sixty or maybe even fifty years ago. When learning History its like a fiction book because we have had many wars and many arguments that really today are just unimaginable and that’s what makes History fun; the fact that you don’t know what you’ll learn everyday. Its not math that is consistent with numbers or reading that you just read all day. You could watch videos or E-books but at least you have the satisfaction of learning things that have really happened. We learn about how are government came to be or...
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