Why Is Halloween So Popular

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In these articles many people believe that haunted houses are a part of why halloween is so popular. Over 1,200 professional haunted houses are being operated and 300 theme parks as well. Many of these haunted houses are very popular because people just like a good scare and it’s fun, it has been a tradition for a long time, and haunted houses make a lot of money. To begin, many people like a good scare. The people pay good money to be scared, they like the thrill of the clowns and scary people jumping out at them. There are many scary things in haunted houses these days like fog, trap doors, ghostly images, fake blood and ever some gore too. The opening of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland really brought in a lot of people that like to be scared. Many people visited but the ride soon had to have cars and become a dark ride due to so many people wanted to go through the mansion. There are many other places that have haunted but that’s just one of the most popular. Most scary things don’t just consist of …show more content…
These type of haunted houses started with the ancient Egyptians. When they started and they had mazes, moving walls, self-opening doors, traps and they even used insects and bugs. In that time they also had monsters and beasts that they used in theatre. Something else they use in theatre was pig blood and bladders. They used these act out scenes where someone would get stabbed or hurt, they would fill up the pig bladders with the blood and put them on the place where they were going to stab them so when they would the blood would coming out. Sometimes the biblical stories were scary and they used to tell theses during “the dark ages” around the 1300’s-1500’s. Back in this time they did some of the things we still do today like carve pumpkins, bob for apples and even dress up in costumes. To conclude, the Egyptians were the ones who started it all and some of the very special tradition are still happening

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