Why is crime so popular

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Why is Crime So Popular?

The crime rate in the U.S has been rising like mad, and according to S. L. Robertson, it may just have something to do with America’s favourite crime show, CSI. The writer of this article is pointing out how absurd it is to have a television series that promotes crime and murder, in a country that is already suffering from deaths due to murder each year. The writer is pointing out that to improve the crime rate, it is going to be ridiculously hard to do so, when people are practically learning how to commit a serious crime, all to watching the series CSI. In my opinion, I feel the author has directed this article to people over the age of 15. This is because anyone under the age, probably wouldn’t find this as such a serious problem, because they don’t really know what happens out in the ‘real world’. Some people might question how trustworthy this article is, because you never know, it could just be a journalist expressing his/her opinion. Although in this case, the author is known to be an expert in the field of reliable home and safety. The author has written this article in hope that people might read the article and agree with his opinion, showing that he is not being over protective, but he is being responsible, and trying to raise awareness over a serious issue like this one. America may not realise it, but they aren’t helping the situation, in fact they are just making it worse. As long as the program CSI is on TV, people are continuously going to develop an interest in this field, whether it be a good interest or a bad, it really doesn’t matter.
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