Why Is Competition Good Or Bad

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Competition: Good or Bad?

In a recent study conducted by the American Journal of Education, 73 percent of the college respondents surveyed stated that competition, for the most part, had helped them throughout their educational career. The study, conducted over a 2-month period at 7 US colleges, reveals a general consensus among students at a post high school level, however still shows a disconnect between students with different attitudes to the topic. Nevertheless, it presents the underlying question that’s concerning students, parents, and educators alike. That question being, “Is competition good or bad?”. In my opinionated response to this question, I have decided to side with the former. I believe that competition motivates students to work harder, and do better. Moreover, I think that it is instrumental in showing a student what he or she is good at (and what he/she isn’t), in addition to building great character.
To start with, I believe that competition motivates students to work harder, and as a direct result of...

It teaches one that you can’t always come out on top. In the real world, that is one very important thing to know. In doing that, it also teaches one honor. Students learn how to accept defeat in a respectful way. Instead of getting mad over a loss, students, over time, learn to congratulate the winner when they lose. It’s these skills that are so very crucial in the real world. Competition also helps to develop people skills, because when you compete, you sometimes have to work on a team, and collaboration is a critical ability in most jobs today. Even if the work is individual, some degree of communication is required, which greatly adds to a student's body of skills. In competition, a person's real personality is able to fully manifest itself, which for the most part is a good thing. A person can then learn from that, which areas they need to work on to better...
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