Why I Need A Scholarship Essay

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This Scholarship means a lot of things to me, number one it means it is a blessing from god and I am more than honored to be getting the award. Second, the scholarship is not only helping me with my college but, it will be helping me with my career search after college.
I am more than grateful for the opportunity that resides before me, I know there are plenty of students out there who would die to have the same opportunity as I have now. Thus, I will never take this opportunity for granted, I will use this scholarship as my motivation to be the best I can be in my chosen field because, there is someone out there who saw potential in me to offer me an opportunity to be a better me. With Gods help I hope to become successful in my field
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I was raised in loving home but, was raised in very low income. Therefore, I did not receive any financial support from my parents and little from the federal government to fund my college education. Therefore, my financial needs are very high, especially at this moment in my life .I need the money more than ever today. I worked so hard over the summer to save money to pay off my tuition but, the landscaping company I had worked for went into a bankrupt a month into my work. I looked for work half of the summer but, since it was the middle of the summer and most companies already hired most of the students on break and I was unable to find work. On top of all that few months later since I started school I was notified by a dentist I went to see due to pain that I needed a root canal for my molar tooth that would cost me around $1000. I entertained the thought of taking my molar tooth out due to the price being so high, but I figured if had taken out my tooth it would have only costed me more money in the long run because, I have already lost one tooth and also due to the cavity being on both sides of my tooth. Therefore, considering the financial situation I am in the scholarship would mean I would get to keep my tooth, which will help me be more assertive in myself when searching for work after post-secondary

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