Why I Deserve A Million Dollars Essay

Topics: Christianity, Poverty, God, Homelessness, Jesus, Bible / Pages: 5 (1113 words) / Published: Jan 14th, 2016
If there is anybody should deserve the $25,000 dollars, it should be me. I could do so much with that money. I would donate to a homeless shelter, I would give a church some money, and I would spend some money on my family, my car and me. If I won it I would put it to a good cause. I motivate everybody to try to win. If I inherited the money, I would give a homeless shelter some money. I have always talked about I would love to help homeless people, because nobody take time out of their life to talk to them, to help them out by feeding them, or maybe they would just like to get an affectionate word from somebody to make their day. I want to be that person. My heart goes to people that don’t have anything, just the clothes that is on his or hers back. They are still human just like anybody else and they don’t deserve to be treated like trash. I would give a church some money. I want to let them know that somebody care. I always heard, doing great things, great thing will come back to you. I want to give a church something to show my appreciative and my blessings for letting me inherited money. I might need to pay some bills that they got behind on or have to repair something. After giving …show more content…
I wanted to buy my mother stuff to show her that I appreciate all the things she has gave me and for being there. I bought my niece and nephews what they have been asking for because all I hear is I want this and I want that. I told them I would buy them what they wanted when I get a lot of money, which I did what I said. Of course I bought myself something, I deserve to get a little something if I am spending on everybody else. I have advice for you, if you ever inherit money don’t me selfish or greedy always think of somebody that has always been there for you

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