Why History Is Important?

Topics: Education, Teacher, History Pages: 2 (784 words) Published: March 11, 2013
It is true History was one of the classes that has been taught almost every year from elementary school and throughout all high school. The fact that history was one of the main courses during my education doesn’t really imply that I know a lot about it. My memories of what we were taught during these years are in fact vague, not to say that I don’t really remember anything from what our professors taught us. My clearest memory is the history teacher at my elementary school and his strange idea of teaching history. He told us that we don’t even need the book that was in the curriculum. He used to come to class with a notebook full of his notes taken by various books of history. He dictated, we had to write, word by word. And word by word we had to memorize it for our exams. If we forgot something we lost points, if we put it in our own words it didn’t count as right. What he read from his notes was the only accepted answer. I didn’t understand then and I didn’t really put much thought on it until now that I am writing about it, but the fact that we never really had to understand anything or relate events in any way is not much of an education on history. We memorized it for the exam and forgot about it the next day. He never really bothered to explain anything; all that was important to him were the good grades we got and his ranking as one of the most successful teachers. No one questioned his methods, but I even hold him responsible for my disastrous handwriting. Trying to keep up with him dictating at a speed of light I didn’t have much time to think about what it was that that I was writing let alone my penmanship. As for my high school history class, all that I remember is the professor and the fact that I always got an A. So, having an A and not knowing much about the course surely doesn’t imply that it was any more different from the methods used in my elementary school. However, I don’t want to put all the blame on the professors. I happened to meet...
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