Why Having School Nurse Is Vital

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Why Having a School Nurse is Vital

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As many may not know, but there is an increase need for nurses in our school systems today. Having nurses at the school is vital for many reasons. First off; because of the increase need for medical needs for the students. Next, the number of students taking medicine at school is at an all time high. Finally, the triage is readily available right there on locations. In the aspect of the students increase needs for Medical needs are: Many more students suffer from illments as in Anaphylaxis (more need for Epi pens), Asthma, Diabetes, Epilepsy, and Eczema. With a staffed nurse on duty at the school to be able to handle these cares, makes things a lot better off. This relives stress on the parents in knowing the child is well cared for. In the state of Alabama and many other states, Schools must, by law, provide a nurse which is certified to be able to handle these situations. Next, the rise in medications taking by students is a task in itself. With the number growing every year, this can be an alarm if a school nurse wasn’t staffed. Most students won’t need to take their medicine during the school day. But if a student does, or need access to their medication in case of emergencies, the staffed nurse always have a plan of action to handle the student with best care. There are students that have medical condition that require support on a daily plan of action for taking the medicine that is prescribed. Finally, having a staffed nurse helps to cover for triage situations. With having this plan action in place, the school systems goal of having the student there is less of a concern. Some student may be unable to attend school because of their medical condition and the possibility of the student getting hurt. The staffed nurse works with the parents and the school system. They put in place policies they include triage procedeuces, to have the best practices avalible. With having a policy...
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