Why has apple been so successful

Topics: Innovation, Apple Inc., Mac OS X Pages: 3 (761 words) Published: November 17, 2013
1 Why has apple been so successful? What do you attribute it to? Solution:
Generally speaking, the reason why apple is successful is that there are there key points around great product and service, which are design thinking, clear development strategy and execution. What’s more, every point also contains many. Design thinking is the first, it is the bridge connecting designer and customer because of emotion can be transferred. In this aspect, Apple is the pioneer of personal computer for individual work, successful in not only supporting but also fostering individual focus on present and potential customer, beneficial from thinking setting customer experience as start point, keeps on the vision of “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Other than these, Apple keeps watchful eyes on beyond fashion, for example, consistent sleek, coolness surface, aiming to lead a zeitgeist. Clear development strategy also is one of critical for Apple success including different ways of innovation and product development strategy such as platform strategy specially OSX operating system, tessler elaborated, iterative customer involvement, beautiful products particularly product innovation. Apple execution is excellence, for instance, “the system is no system” which is combining discipline and free communicating, clean up the atrocious state of Apple and move the core to innovation process, pull off the miraculous, work intimately with manufactures and being completely attuned to customer, bold business experimentation and CEO leads to innovate. 2 Is there a systematic approach to innovation at Apple? If yes, how would you characterize it? Yes, there is a systematic approach to innovation at Apple. I think the systematic approach is company knowledge plus Steven Jobs own personality characteristics. In detail, company knowledge to innovation includes design thinking, clear development strategy and execution. In terms of this, principle, culture, innovations inspire,...
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