Why Hard-Nosed Executives Should Care About Management Theory

Topics: Management, Theory, Scientific method, Causality, Explanation, Future / Pages: 2 (443 words) / Published: Jul 23rd, 2013
Why Hard-Nosed Executives Should Care About Management Theory
For every organization they should adopt a management theory which is suit for their organizational structure and for its circumstance to run their business. When doing business it is must to apply different management theories for different situations for solve their problems. Based on different theories of management managers develop their own actions and formulate their plains. A theory is a statement predicting which actions will lead to what result and why. These theories in management help to make decisions and facilitate predicting the future with confidence and help to interpret the present.
Construction of a solid theory proceeds in three stages. In the first stage it considers as a broad foundation and it consist of the descriptions of phenomenon which should understand and at this stage we can only get a basic understanding of the phenomenon. The 2nd step is develop to improve the understand of the 1st stage. Classifying aspects of the phenomenon into categories is the second step. Because of making categories it allows to organize complex and confusing phenomenon in a way that highlights their most meaningful differences. The 3rd Stage makes completion of construction of theory and it includes which is to formulate a hypothesis of what causes the phenomenon to happen and why. Theory building process is iterative and if there is something in the theory that cannot explain or predict we have to build new categorization scheme.
When using attributes for the basis of categorization it takes time and when it’s hard to understand what causes a given outcome , the best thing can do is express a correlation between attributes and outcomes. Categorization to an understanding of fundamental causality generally comes from highly detailed field research. In good theories circumstances are contingent, they define how the causal mechanism will produce different outcomes in different

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