Why Grades Are Not Good For Students

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Alliya Rashid
June 30, 2014
Why Grades Are Not Good For Students
Every student wants to brag that he or she is an “A student”. In schools, students’ abilities and levels of intelligence can be measured by a series of letters from A to F on a piece of paper. A is for excellence, B is for good, C is for average, and D and F means you’re fail. This system is called Grading System. Parents can reward, for good grades and can restrict privileges for lower grades. In my opinion, grading doesn’t affect students’ academic progress positively, but creates unhealthy competition, stress, and discourages students from striving for knowledge.

At first, when students are graded, they tend to compare themselves with their friends. Students who get good grades try to make new friends, who have similar grades. In that way, the class is divided into groups. Good students and weak students. Teachers and students recognize a particular student from the group he or she is in. For instance, when I was in grade 8, one of my very close friends, left me. We both used to study for our exams preparation, and earned the same grades. In that particular year, I didn’t get good grades because of my Grandfather’s death during my exams, and she thought that I was not good enough to be her friend, and she made another friend. Students with good grades consider themselves superior to those who get lower grades. This superiority complex suppresses the confidence of weak students in class. In addition, teachers and parents discriminate between these two groups that can be hurtful. In class teachers pay more attention to students who earn As, and help them more. According to them, it’s a waste of time to help students who get B as at the end they will get low grades or fail the class. Furthermore, at home parents show more strictness and restriction towards kids who get low grades.

At second, when students are graded, they tend to get stressed out. Weak students get...
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