Why Good Girls Like Bad Boys

Topics: Female, Boy, Male Pages: 2 (796 words) Published: October 14, 2012
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Why Good Girls like Bad Boys?
Just about every woman at some point in her dating life will fall for a bad boy. For example there’s Edward and Bella from the Twilight Series and there’s Uncle Jesse from Full House. A bad boy is a thug, a roughneck and a rebel without a cause or he could be the nice guy next door who’s smooth as silk, but deep down inside he’s a cold hearted person. Bad boys are the type of guys your mom warns you about but because they’ve got thug appeal your common sense goes out the window. If you ask most females why they like bad boys it’s because they like the challenge, the excitement and the thrill of living vicariously.

According to evolutionary reasoning, the isolation of male and female species is not to mate but due to their reactions to each other. This occurs in many animals because the female animal becomes attracted to the male animal that stands out the most of all the other males. For example peacock’s spread their wings making themselves more vulnerable to predators as a sort of way to attract the opposite sex. Peacock’s are risking their lives which show how strong and dedicated they are towards standing out and being above all the other peacocks. Women find security, resources, and signs of commitment and long-term mates attractive while men find youth, fertility, and chastity and short-term mates attractive. Distance is also a major factor for women and even animals whether it’s close or faraway. For a typical bad boy and a good girl it is usually the good girl who really wants to make the first approach but doesn’t because she’s afraid of what he may think of her. And for the bad boy he just continues to stand out but if neither one is able to approach the other then the attraction would just end at that. I believe that there is four reasons why good girls like bad boys. The first one is the secret fear of intimacy. If a girl is attracted to guys who they cannot really have it is because they don’t...
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