Why Gays Should Not be Allowed to Adopt

Topics: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, Gay Pages: 2 (598 words) Published: June 26, 2013
Gays and lesbians should not be allowed to adopt. Kids need both male and female role models in their lives. A girl needs her mother to teach her how to be a woman and how take care of her self; She also needs her father to caution and protect her. While a boy needs his father to teach him how to be a man and he needs his mom to teach him how a woman should be treated. Having two parents of the same gender is just like having one parent because, neither one of them can play the role of the opposite sex. I have nothing against gay or lesbian people,but I believe that every child deserves both of their male and female parents in there lives; its not up to society to make that decision therefore; gay and lesbians shouldn't be allowed to adopt a child. 68% of people believed that homosexuals shouldn't be allowed to adopt. According to Liberty Counsel.”Research points to problematic outcomes—such as mental health issues or suicidal tendencies—for children raised by same-sex parents”. Children have already suffered from separation from their biological parents, it is very important that they be placed in an environment that is proven stable. Although many people are fighting for same sex couples adopting, I believe that gay couples should not be allowed to adopt children since it brings to many effects such as high-risk sexual activities, including multiple sex partners, higher rates of emotional problems and substance abuse. No one wants to see a child suffer or go throw anything that can be prevented.

Warrant: Parental Sexual Orientation Affects a Child's Development 2. When kids are adopted it is a stressful process and when you add that to the fact that the kid might not be familiar with gay couples, it will be a very unhappy, stressful situation for the kid.

Backing: Kids can make it hard for other kids at school that have gay parents to fit in. They may find it hard to fit in at their new school with two things that are different about them - the...
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