Why Gatorade Has Effective Commercials

Topics: Peyton Manning, Baseball, Physical exercise Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: August 2, 2006
Gatorade claims that if you play sports, if you engage in any physical activity, if you workout, then you will need Gatorade in order to adequately re-hydrate your body. And you know what? I believe them. Comedic commercials always immediately catch and grab my attention, always putting a creative twist on what we the viewer should laugh at. The Big Heads Gatorade commercial is no exception. The commercial starts out showing several sports stars, Dwayne Wade and Kevin Garnett, playing a game of one on one basketball. The comical twist here is that only their faced is used and it is imposed onto a little kid's body probably about six or seven years old, giving the look of a caricature. The voices of the kids are what they would sound like at that age giving the commercial a very light and playful tone. The commercial continues with some other sports stars including Derek Jeter, Peyton Manning, and Jennie Finch who play baseball, football, and women's softball respectively. While all of the kids play together, they kiddingly throw harmless trash talk back and forth. The sound of a trumpet in the background can be heard but is used at a very soft volume. The commercial ends with Gatorade's signature slogan, "Is it in you?" The music used, adds to the playful feeling already created with the presence of the kids. It is no specific song, but rather just the sound of an upbeat jazzy sounding trumpet from the 1950's adding a nostalgic feel as well. It continuously plays in the background but at a very soft volume so it does not mask the dialogue between the kids. The music acts two-fold. First of all it gives the commercial a comical feel to it so it attracts both the common adolescent as well as the adult. The trumpet tries to make the

adult think of the past, of how it was like back when they were kids. Commercials that can make you laugh or feel happy generally catch your attention right away, and this music accomplishes that. The visuals...
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