Why Friendship Important

Topics: Friendship, Interpersonal relationship, Love Pages: 3 (1315 words) Published: August 12, 2015
Why Friendship Important
As is rightly said, “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Friends are an important part of every individual’s life. You talk with them about every damn thing; share your top secrets and what not. You enjoy with them and spending time with friends is fun always. Everybody would agree that had friends would not been there, life would be quite boring. In fact, whatever you are as a person is greatly influenced by who your friends are. So, friends are truly important. They sometimes teach you, make you learn new things, point out your mistakes and help you rectify them, cheer you up as and when needed, offer you a fresh perspective and always love, care and support you. They are usually one of the biggest strengths of a person apart from the family. It would not be wrong to say that good friends simply become a part of your family, the only difference being that family and blood relations are made by god but friends are made by individuals in their lives. It is therefore important whom to choose as a friend and this decision has to be wise enough as your friends reflect what you are. So, apart from going for a coffee with them or for shopping, friends have a great importance in every person’s life. Have you ever thought what your life would have been without them? Hard to imagine, isn’t it? Let’s find out why and how! Here, I list out the top 10 reasons why your friends are important to you. 10. To spend time and enjoy

Your friends spend quality time with you and never let you feel lonely. They give you time whenever you require to be with someone and make you smile even in despair. They are the ones with whom you can crack silly jokes and be crazy. They are always fun to be with and never allow you to get bored. Even a boring or dangerous place seems to be exciting in the company of friends. They are the ones who would enjoy with you anywhere, even in hell! 9. To be in your comfort zone

You never need to think twice before saying...
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