Why Fast Food Should Be Illegal

Topics: Nutrition, Time, Eating Pages: 1 (295 words) Published: October 21, 2008
sandwiches, grab cups and utensils, all with their bare hands. What they touched, you touched and you probably put it into your mouth. •
extra fat, sugar, and salt are the main culpret in why you feel bloated after eating fast food. •Restaurants serve foods aimed at appeasing our most primitive sensory triggers, fat and sugar. Add salt and overpowering aroma to that mixture and you get a sensational urge to eat—and clean your plate. Meanwhile, your digestive system is saying “hold the bloat.” •All of the extra fat makes you feel bloated and your stomach distended. You might also suffer diarrhea as your gall bladder struggles to process all of the extra grease. •An extra 500 to 600 calories per week from dining out can add up to nine unwanted pounds over a year’s time. Plus, all of the sodium can aggravate conditions like hypertension and kidney disease. So stick with the basics to avoid the bloated feeling. •

no idea what has been added to the food before cooking. Don’t know what kind of chemical supplements are injected into the food to preserve it. Could be toxic and possibly lead to disease if consumed over a long period of time. Obviously the food is not fresh and companies are coming out with new additives all the time. We have no idea what could happen to us physically or mentally twenty or thirty years down the line. There hasn’t been enough substantial research done on certain chemicals cause face it, they haven’t been around that long. Who knows what kind of damage we could do to ourselves over the long term. Could any of these things that we injest possibly be a lead contributor to cancer years down the line?
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