Why Euthanasia Should Be Legal

Topics: Death, Human rights, Law Pages: 3 (897 words) Published: November 16, 2010
Why Euthanasia should be legal

Have you ever seen anyone who lives forever? It is impossible. Everyone in this world has to die including animals and plants. Death is a part of life. Why cannot patients who are terminal ill choose death for themselves? Euthanasia is a good choice for them. Euthanasia is the practice of ending a life in a painless manner. Some forms of euthanasia are legal in Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Switzerland, some states in the U.S.A. including Oregon and Washington, the Autonomous Community of Andalusia (Spain), and Thailand (2009, para 1). Euthanasia should be legalized worldwide because of these following reasons: Euthanasia helps end the patient’s unbearable suffering, according to human rights terminally ill patients have right to die, and it frees family from suffering feeling and financial problems.

The first reason is that euthanasia helps end patient’s unbearable suffering. The terminally ill patients are usually in great pain that cannot be eliminated. They most likely are not going to recovered. Some have to depend on life-support machines; some cannot breathe without a machine; some have to be tube-food; some require a high dose of medicine or is given injections everyday. Moreover, patients who have brain diseases such as terminal brain cancer or inflammation in the brain or brain death are more dead than alive and will never be better. The following case is an example of voluntary euthanasia. Mary F. was dying from a progressively debilitating disease. She had reached the stage where she was almost totally paralyzed and, periodically, needed a respirator to keep her alive. She was suffering considerable amount of distress. Knowing that there was no hope and that things would only get worse, Mary F. wanted to die. She asked her doctor to give her a lethal injection to end her life. After consulting with her family and members of the healthcare team, Dr H. administered the asked-for lethal injection,...
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