why English is so important

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ufeffCuauhtémoc León Cortés
Why language study is necessary for English teachers?

One of the most important characteristics of the human kind is the ability to communicate. This process can be oral, written or through body gestures. This process of communicating amongst each individual is called Language. Because through language, humanity is able to express its ideas, feelings, sensations, beliefs, etc. for a developed society in order to advance, it is necessary that each member of that culture must know how to use their “tongue”, because by using it, each member expresses or reflects its personality and individuality of the region or part that he/she belongs. Unfortunately there is a problem that has been affecting the way people communicate nowadays. I want to call it “the misuse of the language”; it happens when any member of a certain community does not make a good use of the language, producing the lost of the most important treasure that any society may have, Language. This problem might be caused by many factors such as: the lack of interest from members of any certain society to use the language in a proper form. Because people take for granted that, since they were bon in the place where the language is used, they can speak the language without any problem. They do not show any interest in literature, which will lead them into a poor understanding of the other subjects in their schooling life, producing an undeveloped society. Another factor that is undermining the way people use the language is how people when communicating use technology. Unfortunately the majority of the society is damaging the Language by not taking into consideration the grammar rules each language system has. One example of this is when young people use the Internet to do any task given; they just simply write the words in any searching engine, copy what they consider useful, and then paste it without even having analyzed the information, deriving into a worthless and...

References: http://www.ielanguages.com/linguist.html
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