Why Education is the most important factor in a developing country

Topics: Islam, North Africa, South America Pages: 2 (841 words) Published: October 20, 2013
Why Education is the most important factor in a developing country

Education is often considered the greatest opportunity you can give a child, purely from what the child can do with that Education, will they become a Doctor and save 100 lives? Or become a Scientist and cure Malaria? They will also learn to be civilized, moral and then spread that to their children whom will possibly do the same until you have a lot of civilized people in one country working together and making trying their best to be the best people they can be, great countries rise, perhaps that may be why countries that see Education as “optional” are some of the most disorderly regions. Those regions include, The Middle East, Africa, and some of Latin America. According to Islamic beliefs, everyone is entitled to an Education; in fact, getting an education is described as “A Moral duty to yourself and Society” in the Quran but as the reader may know, Women are not allowed into Middle Eastern Universities and the Woman’s Father must approve of her Daughter even going to, what we know as, Middle school in The Middle East. Because Women are not allowed to study anything, including Politics, there is only a Male based government, and as we know by now, Men and Women are not as equal as we would like to admit, for instance, in countries where Women can hold political office (Europe, North America and Asia) are generally more peaceful areas of the world and that is because Men are likely to take a more stern and aggressive approach to threats while Women are more likely to want to avoid serious conflict and instead find alternatives. The point is that a bunch of governments, with only Men, are more likely to conflict with other countries because they don’t have something to bring them to sense when Violence seems like the best option, in The Middle East at least. In Africa, instead of religious reasons for people lacking education, the problem is Money. There are not enough good schools in...
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