Why Dog Make Better Pets Than Cats Comparison/Contrats Essay

Topics: Pet, Predation, Cat Pages: 2 (602 words) Published: March 18, 2011
Why Dogs Make Better Pets Than Cats.
Dogs and cats are most pets that are seen with their owner. These two animals make good pets to have. Dogs are physical and fun animals that runs with a flock of their inheritance. Cats are feminine and spoil animals that like to have its way. When it comes down to choose the better pet, dogs are better pets than cats.

Some pet owners think dog and cat food the same. Dogs have better food to eat because the type of dogs I like can eat some of the same food as I. Dogs can eat a variety of food either if it’s home cooked of store bought dog food. I can feed a dog leftover from dinner and it will eat. Bones are another food dogs can eat when dog food is gone. Dog food can be eaten hard or soft. A dog can hunt for food better than a cat will. Cats are good pets, but they’re not the pets I will like to have. Because of their tiny bodies, there isn’t much food I could feed them. Mostly soft foods are the only thing cats can eat. Dry, or wet store bought canned foods are a cat’s appetite.

When the fun rolls around, a dog is the perfect animal for the activities. I can take a dog for a walk or run while I workout for some exercise. Also, I can let the dog play with other neighbor’s dogs to build a bond. If the dogs trained properly, a game of fetch is a good way to get along with them. Cats aren’t outside pets like dog are made to be. I guess cats are mostly house pets. The only fun playing a cat does is play with its ball, or toy by its lonesome.

When having a pet, protection is a good thing to have from its presence. The protection dogs have to offer is way different from a cat. Dogs are built up to be protectable creatures because of its body mass and sharp teeth that could bite a hole in the bad person’s skin. Along with its loud bark, a dog can alarm its owner of danger. Cats aren’t the type of animals for protection in case of any danger. These small creature’s body mass isn’t big enough to size up a big person. Cats...
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