Why Does Population Density Varies So Much Within The UK?

Topics: Population density, Population, Demography Pages: 1 (263 words) Published: May 24, 2014
Why Does Population Density Varies So Much Within The UK?

Population Density is affected by many factors such as the relief, the climate, the vegetation, the soil, the natural resources and water supply. In the UK, population density varies so much as for example, London has a high population density because it has a great relief which includes flat land which will be easy to build infrastructures but Scotland has a poor relief as it has mountains and hills which means it will be difficult to build infrastructures so therefore, less people will want to live there since there is a sparse amount of infrastructures like hospitals, roads, shops and schools so travelling to these destinations will be long. Factors like economic and social factors also affect the UK as the economic factor can provide people transport, industrial areas, offices and ports. London has more jobs than Scotland as it has more tertiary jobs than primary jobs which are paid more so this will populate London more as more people will come to London for jobs. The social factor will attract more people to populate but Scotland has less health care, houses, entertainment, education and tourist attractions than London so therefore, people will want to go to places that contain these as they don’t want to be bored. The vegetation factor populates Scotland as there are large grass areas, trees and fallow land which attracts people who like to live in grassy areas with clean air but London doesn’t have a lot of vegetation as it is more urban than Scotland.
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