Why Does Fashion Change

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Why does fashion change?

Human beings have been using clothes throughout history; however as we notice today garments that were worn in the past are not the same that are being worn today. In this essay I will develop the question ‘Why does fashion change?’ and if such changes are due to fashion as such or if there is any external influences such as marketing and media.

Every change in society, including differences between cultures and living styles is reflected in the way people dress and types of accessories being utilized. As a result, it can be seen today how the increase in the number of hours that people spend in leisure activities has generated the need in people to wear a wider range of clothes according to each activity.(Easey, 2002). Change has also represented a challenge for designers who have been responding to the demand induced by changes in people’s behaviour.

The clear evidence of how fashion has reacted according to changes in activities and life styles can be found in sport. It is unusual to see athletes today performing at high levels without the appropriate materials and garments designed to provide comfort and protection under extreme conditions.

Another example can be in how smart-casual outfits have become more popular with professionals, given the increasing need of socializing after work. (Hines et al). This has been a utilitarian response from fashion to society’s changes.

A further explanation according to Koenig of why fashion changes is neoism or “neophilia” (in Yuniya Kawuamura’s book ‘). Neophilia can be understood as the acceptance of human beings to new things. It is at this stage where fashion finds the opportunity to change and innovate in order to satisfy people’s need to wear new things.

On the other hand, it is also believed that fashion changes as a response to marketing strategy. It is also considered that marketing initiatives influence the way in which fashion evolved in time. In other words this is...

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