Why Does Are Athletes Paid Too Much?

Topics: Religion, Poverty, Maslow's hierarchy of needs Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Proposal/Plan for Practical
Name: Yalda Akrami
Project title: Poverty
Dates Practical is undertaking: from this term to the start of next term Religious Education Teacher: Mrs G
The chosen topic/issue for this Religion assignment is Poverty. This practical will be done in a group of four students. I am passionate about this topic because I believe that everyone should be equal, there is no rich or poor. I also know that people in poverty are constantly struggling just to live every day. The knowledge and skills I have for this topic are basic information. I may not have struggled in my life and didn’t experience poverty but I feel for others, and I think it’s very hard to live under poverty. Therefore I want to make a difference and help out poor people and make others aware about this issue. Because we all are humans’ food and water are our basic psychological needs.

To deliver our knowledge, concepts, skills and understanding of our topic we decided to create a video. This will show our passion for our chosen topic and attempt to create awareness in our community for the greater good. The video will be shown to our students and the staff of the school and aware them. I think it’s very important to teach the students about other people in our society and how they are living, because poverty can stop or can at least be improved if more people are aware of it. By the end of this term we will collect our resources and some life captures, and by the start of term 2 we will put our final pieces together. Each member in this group has to participate in this practical and everyone will be required to get life captures as many as possible. Each student in this group must have cameras.We could borrow the school cameras or we can use our personal cameras or our phone cameras to record. Research on the internet will also be included for basic information and statistics. We will also be organising time to see other organisations who help people under poverty. In...
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