Why Do I Write

Topics: Writing, Essay, Literature Pages: 2 (512 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Wu Shuang
Dr. Menz
ENG 291-050
January 20, 2013

Why Do I Write?

Men have multiple ways to express their thoughts since millions of years ago -- fine art, music, writing, dancing, etc -- among them, writing is not my first choice. I only write when I have to, because writing for me isn't an easy or fun job.

The art form of literature was born after written language, which came into being later than other forms mentioned above. Deductively, writing might be the most complex and intellectual way to present human thoughts.

Sitting in front of a computer or a cave wall, in ancient case, and pondering for hours is constantly required. I don't know about professional writers, but for me, the materials seldom come up to my mind automatically. I have to search over previous knowledge, and sometimes do researches to get an original source before I write something, no matter it's an essay or a poem.

After I finally come up with some words on the paper, I'll revise it again and again, like a handcrafts maker perfecting his artwork. Sometimes I invite others to read it. People tend to be unable to see something clearly when they get too closely involved. Hence, as a writer, having a reader is at least rewarding, if not a requisite.

After writing brings me such headaches, why do I keep doing it?

As information and communication play an increasingly important role in modern society, writing for us is now a basic skill which is frequently and ubiquitously used, like making fire in the primitive age, with which life is dramatically improved. Moreover practice and patience are demanded in both cases.

My first experience about writing is in primary school, since which I started considering writing as a way to learn the world. I was asked to write about people and objects in my life. My curiosity was substantially magnified.

Later on, writing personal experiences in a journal provided me an opportunity...
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