Why Do I Want to Study Statistics?

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Why do I want to study statistics?

Written by ArthurC

Many people think the statistic is boring because all of it is made up of boring, simple numbers and graphs. However, in fact, we have already closely connected to the statistics. When you were born, the nurse will checked your temperature, weight and length and then wrote them down. All of them are statistics. As we grow up, we have more and more connections in the statistics.

statistic is funny
Statistics is boring but useful. As it is boring and simple, it can reflect many important things. For example, if you want to know how the stock going is, you may study the graphs and decide whether to buy into or not. Statistics has no beautiful decoration but all of them, even a “dot”, has deep meanings and results after you study it

Using statistics is easy for the readers to understand your purposes. It can make the descriptions clearly and simply. And sometimes your reader will find some more above your purpose. However, statistics has the power to persuade others easier. Nobody wants to watch you spreading yourself without the facts.

As one living in the age of high, rapid development, we need to deal with various statistics. On the other hand, computer technology is one of the patterns using the statistics. Moreover, computer and internet have already been part of our lives.

Looking behind, all of the ancient cultures use statistics to record things such as fishing, farming, and business and so on. Therefore, the statistics is quite useful. In addition, Mr. Wang is humorous guide making the class living and interesting. That’s why I want to study statistics.

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