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Why Do I Want to Be a Teacher

By AnnaGrati Dec 27, 2010 663 Words
Why I want to be a teacher

Since the inception of human civilizations, the tradition and culture of sharing knowledge to the younger generation has been an integral part of the lifestyle. Teachers have been revered with gratitude and have always been considered to be the contributors in the development of society. As the wheels of time have progressed, teaching jobs have become a recognized profession, thanks to the awareness about importance of literacy and education in the world.  In our country, the career opportunities in this field have shown an unprecedented growth as skilled teachers are now in demand. It is believed that becoming a teacher is not a very difficult task, with some educational degrees you can become a teacher. It is absolutely wrong. Teaching must be considered more than a profession. 'Why I want to be a teacher', is the most important question that you've to answer before you plunge into make this highly esteemed profession as your career. I was giving a serious thought about becoming a teacher. There are some major issues that need to be addressed before you give your soul and heart to this profession. Why I Want to be a Teacher #1: Dive Deep into the Inner Desire! We all know the basic requirements to become a teacher and we have decided to pursue it after our university life, but hold on for few minutes, and think. Who is deciding the career for you? Job of a teacher can never be forced upon anyone. If it's forced, the quality and intention of teaching are bound to suffer. Give a thought to the teachers you were associated with. Weren't they all, in some way, an inspiration for you? For me, personally, one of my school teachers was just the person to go to for every question and queries. She was a strict disciplinarian and simultaneously a very good friend to her students. I just loved sitting for her English lessons. So the basic question you've to ask yourself is “do you want to help students achieve their full potential”? Each one of us is precious for their contribution, in whatever forms, for making the world a better place to live in.  Good teacher qualities are always reflected in the students. The habits and teachings of our teachers influence us. Look into your own heart and see what qualities of yours have been influenced by your teachers. Why I Want to be a Teacher #2: Right Sets of Skills!

Next step is to do a practical analysis of your educational qualification and academics so that you know what makes a good teacher. It is to be understood that a teacher must be skilled in the subject he teaches, so that the students can understand and assimilate the basic concepts of a topic thoroughly and clearly.  It is one of the responsibilities of a teacher, that he must take efforts to make the students understand the subject in detail and with clear explanations. And undoubtedly, all this demands a good educational background. Why I want to be a Teacher #3: Financial Benefits!

While choosing any career, salary is definitely a crucial parameter. And why not? Who doesn't want to earn a decent pay package? If you are placed in some good school that has better infrastructure and funding, you may enjoy other perks and insurance claims. Gradually, as you'll advance in this field, your earnings will increase.  One of the benefits of becoming a teacher is that you have job security and peace of mind. Not many jobs give you the scope for comfortable working hours and a relaxed environment to work with the bright, young brains of the nation. Having said that I would also like to add that the challenges of managing a whole bunch of naughty students is definitely not easy but then it is a part of the profession and that is what for teachers are.

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