Why Do I Take English Department for My Majority?

Topics: English language, Education, Learning Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: January 20, 2013
Name: Diana Agustine
Class: 3A
NPM: 110060430

Why do I take English Department for my majority?

The basic reason why I choose English as my majority is that I really love English. English is the most favorite lesson I’ve learnt since I was a child. I learnt English from my lovely mother—who opportunely was an English lecturer—even before I learnt that in Elementary school. My mother taught me bit by bit, day by day; then I started to love English. The way she taught me was interesting and fun, it’s a bit different from how most teachers usually did in a formal education. She brought a child magazine, told me to read a funny English comic with animal characters. She taught me how to read it and she explained the meaning. In that time, I was only five years old.

Because of my mother, I love to listen to Western songs since I was a child. At the beginning I didn’t know how to spell the words, I just screwed it up, but then I started to remember the lyrics and how to spell them well. I also tried to guess the meaning and message of every song I heard, thanks to it now I have acknowledged a lot of vocabularies on my mind. When there was a school break, I often read English books while the others played or ate snacks. I always have every English book of mine full of my handwritings. I always feel excited when it comes to English subjects. I never feel sleepy anytime I learn English lessons; it never makes me bored. My grades for English subject, no doubt, always improve year to year. What other words can I have to explain how I love English?

In globalization era, English becomes an international language that has been spoken by a huge number of people in so many countries. Without capability of mastering a global language, that is English, it is almost impossible to communicate with people around the world. This means that we are needed and required to be able at least speak English well. So here I really want to maintain my English skills, not only...
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