Why Do I Need Ielts

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Sahanaya, Wendy, 1940-
IELTS preparation and practice listening and speaking
ISBN 019 554095 6

1 English language - Examinations 2 International English Language Testing System 3 English language - Examinations, questions, etc 1 Lindeek, Jeremy, 1961- II Title III Title International English Language Testing System preparation and practice (Series IELTS preparation and practice) 428

Edited by Eliza Collins
Illustrated byjuli Kent
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Preface How to use this book

Part 1 The Listening test

About the Listening test X 1
Section 1 7
Section 217
Section 322
Section 425
Listening exercise 1 Names, numbers, places29
Listening exercise 2 Who's speaking? 31
Listening exercise 3 Study strategies ?34
Practice Listening tests 36

Parf 2 The Speaking test

What to expect
Phase 2 About yourself
Phase 3 Asking questions
Phase 4 Wider issues
Practice interviews .

Appendix Answer Key
Listening answer sheet
Speaking test sheet

How To Use This Book

In this pr.ictice hook you will work your way through a Practice Listening test from beginning to end You will need to work with the book and the audio cassette together
When you see the words START YOUR TAPE NOW in the book, you
should start the cassette tape and follow the instructions given in both the book and on the tape You must start your cassette tape at this point in order to do the exercises that follow
When you hear and see the words STOP YOUR TAPE you should stop the cassette tape and work through the explanations and exercises in the book until you see START YOUR TAPE NOW again
The first part of the book works through a Practice test, section by section, following the structure of a typical IELTS Listening test The structure of each section is discussed and the type of questions demonstrated Strategies are sug- gested for dealing with the various question types as well as for the Listening test in general The recording for this is on Cassette 1 Side A START YOUR TAPE NOW

Listen to the instructions that appear on the front of the Listening tt">t booklet
When you hear the words "now turn to Section one on page two of your ques- tion booklet"

About The Listening Test

All candidates talcing the IELTS Test do the same type of Listening test, but the version differs according to the test date.
The Listening test takes about 30 minutes, with...
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