Why do I like to get drunk old

Topics: Mind, Sleep, Great Depression Pages: 1 (268 words) Published: November 3, 2014
Alaa Diab

Homework 1

Teacher: Prof.Khalid Kurr

Why do I like to get drunk?
“When people are drunk, that’s when their real personality comes through.” I like to get drunk because it is fun. If you ask me why, it is like you're asking why children like slides.
Also I like it because I can be wild and slutty and have an excuse for doing anything. It helps me alleviate the depression and to forget my problems that prevent me from sleeping easily.
After every day I get drunk, very beautiful things happened; everything is waking up but me. After a night drinking nothing but Zeppelin cider and the cheapest vodka available I am making a slovenly, ponderous march towards bed: eyes narrowing with every step and the corners of my mouth dragging downwards. My body is preparing to melt into bed. It becomes for me like oxygen for every living thing.

Later on, after waking up part of society again, it’s fun to recall the events and minor disasters of the night before.
I always struggle to remember being drunk. I can remember actions, sensations and words but not thoughts. So I feel that it is when we are ferried home at dawn that our consciousness, thought, and memory start to return. This is the point where I remember being me to some extent but I can’t be certain. Even though it has harmful effects on health for getting used to it for long time, I would rather have a great time for 60 years of life than be board out of my mind for 80 years .

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