Why do a female youth run away from home

Topics: Abuse, Adolescence, Child abuse Pages: 5 (2612 words) Published: November 28, 2014
Why do a female youth run away from home? I have asked myself this many time. There can be many explanations about females running away from home, where they have their basic necessities. It is difficult to narrow down to one reason why a female would run away. A female can have many issues in their life that can cause them to feel running away is there only option. They can have some of these feeling because of the way they are treated at home by their parents. Some parents neglect their children and fiscal an emotionally abuse them. Another reason a female can feel running away is there only option is because there is a lack of commutation between their parents and themselves. Parent can be really busy working there jobs working more than the average person to keep up with their payments and to provide for their family. They end up neglecting there family and the teen runaways to grab attention from their parent. I also believe simple disagreement between the youth and there parents can cause a youth to runaway of the situation instead of confronting it they run away from it hoping to solve that issue by not being around it. I also believe they feel are misunderstood for what they are going through, another big issue is a finical, a teen wants to be wearing what is popular and rebel towards their parent and feel they can have a better way of living by themselves and runaway .This is not an uncommon issue According to the “National Runaway Switchboard”, every day between 1.3 and 2.8 million runaway and homeless youth live on the streets of America. One out of every five children will run away before the age of 18. Seventy-five percent of runaways who remain in the streets for two or more weeks will become involved in theft, drugs, or pornography, while one out of every three teens on the street will be lured into prostitution within 48 hours of leaving home.  Gay or bisexual youth are even more likely to be involved in prostitution. Teens leave home for a wide variety of reasons, including trouble in school, arguments with their family, problems that arise due to their sexual orientation, and the influence of friends. Runaways may leave on impulse, protesting a family member over a rule or an isolated incident.  But the main motivation for running away seems to be neglect or abuse at home.  They decide that their only chance to survive is to run away. (National Runaways Switchboard)

Does school influences a female to run away? I believe it does influence a female to run away from their home. The pressure of school expectation of the female to have especially if they come from a will know family or wealthy. The youth can feel they need to part of the group of he friend they hang out with. The parent can neglect them from being with there friends, this can cause them to run away to have the freedom to do whatever they want. Living a life without rules and inspection can influences a youth to run away. Also the pressure of friend that are drug abusers can influences the female to run away. The youth gets addicted to drugs because of their friends, they feel run away can provide a better away of having access to the drug. This can leads to prostitution, stealing, lying from the female youth. They feel that’s there only options of accessing fast cash for the fix of their drug of choose. On “Focus Adolescent Services” web page states if there is unresolved harassment or bullying at youth school it can often cause a teen to feel as if the only way out is to run away from home, as she may feel that the issues at school are too large to overcome. Excessive pressure to do well at school academically from parents, and sometimes unreasonable teachers, can make teens feel they need to escape. Even poor performance academically may also make teens feel they need to escape. The University of Chicago study also found that less common, but still relevant, school-related reasons teens decide to leave home include dress code...
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