Why Do You Want to Be a Nurse

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Why do you want to be a nurse?

by CNAinNeb

|Feb 06, 2008 11:18 AM - This is a question on my application for nursing school, and I am sure for many others. I have an honest answer, but I| |believe it may sound cliche that I "want to help people" and make me highlight how undecisive I have been in my professional goals. This isn't| |my essay- I am nowhere near starting it. What are your reasons for becoming a nurse? I promise I won't use your responses, I just want to get | |the ball rolling. | | | |I spent one year working on the Navajo resevation, as a speech therapist. (I really never intended to make speech-therapy a career, but after | |taking general pre-reqs needed for all health careers, I was immature and chose the shortest route so I could get married- a BS in speech | |therapy was one year of very slow-paced classes for me at that point. This is staying out of my essay, b/c it was a very stupid choice) It | |sincerly bothered me when I was supposed to teach children how to make an R, when thier health and nutritional status was severly compromised.| |I wound up using my therapy supply budjet on food to give the kids during thier sessions, and made my own supplies. | | | |There is very little healthcare available on the reservation, and my time spent there made me realize what a modern marvel the healthcare, | |antibiotics, and nursing care really is. Some people really don't have that!! When I was sick myself, I drove over 100 miles to phoenix or | |winslow. Most of the natives don't have cars, so they wait a...
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