Why Do We Need Appraisal Interviews?

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Human Resource Management

Why is it important to conduct appraisal interviews?
Appraisal interview is a process that involves the employee and his or her manager sitting face to face to discuss all aspects of the employee’s past and future expected performance. As many sources state appraisal interview should be on the first stage of performance appraisal process. However, in my opinion, the interview should be conducted at the last stage of the evaluation process. Appraisal interview is dedicated to discussing the past performance of the employee and explain him or her what needs to be improved. The employee should know the results of the evaluation right after the appraisal period in order to make changes immediately. If appraisal interview is at the beginning of the evaluation period, the employee will discuss his or her past performance with the manager in a number of months after the last evaluation. Therefore, it’s logical to put the appraisal interview on the last stage of the evaluation period when the results for the previous stages will be available. Why appraisal interviews are important? There are several reasons why the company conducts this type of interview.

The appraisal interview, when properly conducted, provides an invaluable method for identifying learning and development needs. When discussing the results of the recent evaluation, the manager should prepare in advance in order not hurt the feelings of the employee. Rather, the manager should show that he or she wants to help the employee in making his or her services better. The interview will provide the opportunity to discuss about learning and development needs that should be agreed with the employee. At this stage, the supervisor and HR will learn about the details of the training courses that the current employee prefers. The appraisal interview should encourage a personal development. Learning needs cannot be filled out only with training courses. For example,...
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