Why Do We Have to Use English?

Topics: English language, Reason, England Pages: 1 (401 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Why do we have to use English?
Because English can help me a lots in my life, such as make money, communicate, and study.we can learn English in a lot of way, like in some songs we listen every day, games that we play every week, films we watch every months, learn from the internet every years, and study in our whole life. Engish is the standard form of communication. It's used worldwide by people who are from different countries but need to communicate with each other. It is also seen as the business language, as for reasons mentioned above. We study it also for the reasons we study any language-we need to have a way to articulate the things we need and desire. English is also used primarily on the internet-which today connects millions of people worldwide. English is used in many different countries also because curing the Colonial and Imperial Age, Britain proved to be "successful" at gaining colonies on different continents around the world. First, find being able to speak English very useful. English is so wide spread these days that no matter where you are in the world you will find somebody who speaks it as either a first or a second language. Even if neither of you speak it well you will have a grounds for communication. Second, America speaks English so if you can speak English you can tell what Americans are saying. If George Bush goes on Iranian TV and says one thing, then goes on American TV and says the opposite, the Iranians can see that he has done this because many of them learn English. International business is conducted in English. Chinese deal with Koreans, using English. Many International companies standardise on English, with documents and computer systems all setup in English. Independent travellers find they can go to many places and use English. Many countries make English a compulsory part of their education. International research and medicine is in English. International conferences are conducted in English. While English is not...
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