Why Do we Have Organizations?

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Why Do we Have Organizations?

Organizations, in a small form stated as a group of individuals structured in a capacity or venue to produce a desired end state. If we take this, with more depth and breadth we better define, clarify and realize that our entire global society is made up of many unique organizations that have impacts on our daily lives throughout a lifetime. The make-up of organizations is independent and as individual as the needed outcomes and impacts require. The requirements for organizations include, the structure of the organizations and the purpose of its being and the people that drive its existence to realization of the outcomes and results. In order for any organization to function, due to its innate make-up as a group of multi-talented, dispersed operations undertaking divisions of labor, it will require a certain level of management to conclude. This has been researched and studied over the course of History to prove itself true and effective. The future successes and failures of organizations can be found in the study of Organizational Theory as a whole. This entity would be its History and evolutions over time. As we have learned from the beginnings that systems of ranked individuals with decision making authority were in place and have been modified and enhanced to meet the wide ranging growth and modernizations of evolution and advancement. The main key to future success will be to continue to harness the basic foundations of the past.

A key to organizations would be the component comparison of the definitive yet, collaborative distinction of each division of labors tasking’s. The end result or output in mind at the beginning, the organization of specific individual responsibilities are established. It is this classical approach to organizational frame-work that produces the desired outputs within the local environment or across the spectrum of society. Organization structure is widely...
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