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Why do we get homework?

By theselumps Oct 29, 2013 638 Words
Why do teachers feel the need to give their junior high school students so much homework? Most students feel that homework is unnecessary. Students are often heard complaining about the stress they feel over completing their homework. Today’s junior high school students participate in after school activities and find homework takes away their free time. Rancho Pico teachers should not require daily homework for junior high school students because it is unnecessary, homework can cause stress, and students will have less time to participate in after school activities.

Obviously, Rancho Pico teachers shouldn’t require homework that isn’t necessary. Many parents want their children to receive homework. However, too much homework can be counterproductive. Students in junior high school don’t need to practice everything they learn in class. Many students can learn well enough in class to master the skills without any homework. Furthermore, giving homework just for the sake of giving it wouldn’t make them learn the skill better. Teachers already assign homework when it will help students master a specific skill. They know their lessons and how much practice is required to help their students learn. Teachers should be trusted to judge when and how much homework their students need. Surely Rancho Pico teachers don’t want to create and give assignments for students that would essentially be busy work with no benefit to students learning.

Furthermore, daily homework can result in overwhelming stress for junior high school students and their parents. Studies have shown a direct correlation between the amount of homework students receive and the amount of stress they indicate feeling. As adolescence, junior high school students should be able to enjoy a stress free life before they enter young adulthood. With often more than five teachers assigning homework, junior high school students find that feelings of stress takes the place of productive learning. While the stress of homework begins to dominate the students’ thought the parents also receive a share of these feelings. Parents already feel stress due to their own jobs and responsibilities and should not feel the added stress from their children’s homework. Often times it isn’t even the actual homework that creates stress for parents, but watching their children experience stress and the negative impact it creates. Homework should not bring discord to students’ families or become detrimental to student health.

Finally, daily homework often takes time away from important after school activities. Researchers have found that one third of junior high school students participate in after school sports. Busy work that is given to students takes time away from sports such as football and gymnastics that require hours of training. After school events can provide exercise, so with homework cutting in through their activities the students don’t get the exercise that is needed to be healthy. Having a social connection with the world is a key factor in life. When students have 7 hours of homework they don’t have any free time to socialize with friends. Junior high school students wake up, go to school and come from school with hours of homework and after school activities so they don’t get to spend any fee time with their family. Overall, students shouldn’t be spending all of their time on homework that isn’t necessary.

Even though homework can be beneficial for many students, it can also detrimental. Assigning daily homework without consideration for specific student needs can create problems. Teachers should consider factors such as whether or not the assignments are necessary to develop skills, how much added stress assignments may cause, and the time students need for after school activities. Perhaps the idea of assigning daily homework needs to be looked at more intently; after all the only difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.

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