Why Do We Fail? Sequel to How to Do Better in Exams

Topics: Term, Time, Failure Pages: 6 (2402 words) Published: July 29, 2010
Why do we fail? Sequel to How to Do Better in Exams
Vinod Kothari
My article titled How to Do Better in CA/CS Exams evoked what I regard as tremendous response. I am so happy that lots of students liked it, and in fact, many wrote mails packed with sentiments. Many of them came back with their personal problems. Overall, it was quite a happy experience having written this article. The kicker was that I have not written motivational stuff in the past: this one “motivated” me to write more motivational stuff, as many students wanted me to write further or answer their typical issues. The responses can broadly be classed into 3: (a) There were loads of thank-you-sir mails. Some of them were highly emotionpacked, and I cannot resist the temptation of reproducing at least some of them. Of course, this is in addition to the “comments” appended to the respective sites. (b) There were some mails concerning CA or CS examinations. Perhaps these students would have thought I am someone from ICSI, or I have some administrative interference in the Institute. For example, some wanted me to say whether exemption can be claimed for a particular subject, or whether the student failed the exam should send his answer sheet for re-evaluation, etc. Since I am neither from the Institute, nor do I know much about exemptions, etc., I am unable to answer many of these queries. If I am able to answer those, or if I am able to get answers from the concerned staff of the Institute, I would surely come back. (c) The third type of mails are what prompts me to write this sequel. These are students who said, they are brilliant, they study for several hours each day, and still they have not been successful with their exams. This is not an uncommon problem, either in exams or in life. Exam is only one of the many races that we run in our life. Yes, I know many people who are absolutely brilliant, and yet they consistently fail, some in exams, and some in life. I intend to discuss this problem at some length in this article.

One click, and every thing changes:
Let me first express happiness and gratitude at the thank-you mails. As I said, I will reproduce at least some of them. • I have just printed your article that you have posted on CA Club. After reading the article, I have got a positive flow of energy. From today itself I will study in this style and I am sure about my improvement because after reading this article only there is a flow of positive energy in me- shows that there is some power. I read you article; it is truly very good and I will definitely practice it. I am student of CA, my exams are in May and your article is really very helpful not only for exams but also in life. I liked the synopsis of you writing that mere

• •

memorizing will not make me a good professional; understanding and learning will make us better professionals. I found this article very helpful, it is not just a formality in telling that it is a very useful article. What all difficulties I am facing have been expressed by you, so a special congratulation for reading the mind of me. Your article on how to do better in professional exams was just unbelievable and awesome, sir. You can’t even think of my happiness after reading your article. Really is a must read article for student like me. I have cleared my PCC exams, but i don’t have the knowledge that a CA-Finalist should have. Really sir you have opened my eyes as to how to read and understand and remember. The main thing is – read and learn to expand knowledge but not just to clear the exams. Hats off to you sir. I just came across to your article ‘ How to do better in CA/CS Exams..’ People know these things. But these things are well covered in basket. It needs to open the cover by someone like you. One click …. and the path changes …….

I must thank all these people, and many more, who have written similar thank-you mails or comments. As one of the commentators rightly mentioned, what I said...
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