Why Do We Dream?

Topics: Mind, Dream, Psychology Pages: 3 (830 words) Published: August 8, 2001
Did you know that we consume one-third of our life sleeping? Or, that we change from periods of deep sleep to periods of light sleep about five times during the night? Or, that we only dream during the period of light sleep, which is usually around morning hours? Not even the most prestigious scientists know exactly why people dream but there are a few explanations in the works. Scientists have proven, though, that on average people dream three to five times during an eight hour sleep. There are people who claim that they do not have dreams, while in fact they just don't remember their dreams. There are many options of what a dream is about. Most dreams reflect on the events or occurrences that happened throughout the day. Others could be the result triggered by intense fears someone might acquire. Tension and stress are also major causes of dreams. Scientists and other individuals have led to the fact that all dreams are linked with people's fears, emotions, desires and needs. Even though the question "Why do people dream?" probably won't have an exact or proven answer until the distant future, there are still some explanations to why we dream. Such explanations vary from physiological to psychological and prophetic beliefs.

The term "physiological" deals with how the body works. Various scientists believe individuals dream to "exercise their brains". The justification for this is that when you are awake, great deals of messages are relentlessly being sent among all your billions of brain cells to keep you alive. So the idea is when you are asleep, dreams exercise the pathways between brain cells. There are some facts that make this clarification believable. One of them: the first couple years of your life are the most intense for learning, which means you probably dream an awful lot. The other is that the brain waves during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep look about the same as your brain waves when you are awake. During other parts of sleep, the brain waves...
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