Why do we age

Topics: Eye, Brain, Nerve Pages: 3 (979 words) Published: October 21, 2014
Why do we age?

I recently took part in 5 experiments undergoing everyday activities to see how it feels to be; •Blind
Bone density problems
Hearing difficulties
To have limited fine motor skills
Memory loss

First activity I took part in expected us to try clothes on (that required buttons) to be able to fasten the buttons wearing thick mittens and gloves. The mittens and the gloves resembled the elderly and the limited fine motor skills (finger movements required to fasten the buttons). This task got me very frustrated as it was very difficult to fasten the buttons because as you get older your receptors become less sensitive this is linked to the fact that the brain and nervous system goes through natural changes, your brain and spinal cord lose nerve cells and weight therefore nerve cells begin to pass messages more slowly, a breakdown of nerves can affect your senses. You might have reduced or lost reflexes or sensation. This leads to problems with movement and safety. This can affect people’s self-confidence as they may not understand their own weaknesses making it hard for them to trust themselves to do anything. The mittens and thick gloves resembled this as it was almost as if my fingers were numb and I found it hard to control them in a way I wanted to causing me feel empathy towards the elderly who do suffer with these everyday tasks.

The second activity I took part in was listening to a video clip with the volume turned down, this resembled the elderly with hearing difficulties as I really had to strain to hear the smallest sound. It usually is the higher pitched sounds that seem to be harder to hear as we get older and also it is more difficult for the elderly to hear voice and conversations whilst there is background noise, I could hear the lower pitched noises such as the laughter in the background but not the detailed information in the conversations. As you age, structures inside the ear start to change and their...
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