Why Do People Work

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To get money should be the reason for why do people. We work in exchange to earn money, which is the factor to acquire what we need in daily lives. Although people have a right to choose whether they want to live either with sufficiency economy or extravagant economy, they do have to work hard in a different way. For those whose lives lie on the philosophy of sufficiency economy, they will have to work to survive even though they do not need money. People need to buy food, clothes and other necessarily things for

The answer is simple: work provides us with the means to earn money, which in turn allows us to acquire what we need in our daily lives. However, work is more complex than this. We do not work just to earn money: there are many other reasons for having a job. This is highlighted by women who, after having children, want to return to work. They may need to work to increase the family income, but they may also wish to work in order to satisfy other needs, such as challenge, social relationships and a feeling of self-worth. Men are no different in this respect. Business organisations need people to carry out activities for the business. They therefore hire workers with different skills, aptitudes and qualifications to do this work. Thus, business relies on groups of people who specialise in particular things. This process of specialisation has developed over many years as productive tasks have been broken down into stages with specialists employed at each stage. This is called division of labour. We see examples of the division of labour in every aspect of our lives. People are specialists in particular areas of work — some may be nurses and could specialise in one aspect of nursing; others may be management accountants, some may work in factories doing skilled work, others as bricklayers, some as receptionists and so on
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