Why Do People Quit Their Job

Topics: Employment, Want, Time Pages: 1 (406 words) Published: June 23, 2008
Why do people quit their job? Job satisfaction must be an important factor to be considered for a manager. Job satisfaction is also clearly boosts employees morale and contributes to the overall success of a company. Here are some obstacles affect on it. Firstly, putting great stress on employees could make them not only grumble, even quitting their jobs. Managerial sometimes use numbers of means to force their staff to work on weekends. It means as superman needs, after 5-days-hard-working everybody wants to get a rest. To me working 5 days successively will not be too much for anybody. But in France, the people think “Working 5 days is Depriving of people’s spare-time”. From this example we can find out in a breeze: it must be a big pressure that people have to work on their weekends. In the normal course of operations, take some efficient measures are better than put stress on staffs. Not only make them feel satisfied on their works, but also make them more productive. Your ultimate goal is maximize the profit. Secondly, I believe that if people do not feel a strong attraction to their job, they will soon feel bored and could not continue working. Perhaps at the first time, people might make a mistake that the job is just they really want. But after for a period, they realize it is not suitable for them. And they may quit and search another job. Thirdly, people sometimes need challenge or sense of fresh. For example, if your staff has been engaged in office work for a long time, they may feel the work has nothing special but follow the practice. Thus, they feel bored and want to change the job. For some ambitious people, if they have done their work perfectly and it seems no more challenge for them, they tend to quit their job and search for challenging one. The Herzberg` s Motivation-Hygiene Theory will be your guide to solve these problems and reach their potential performance levels. Improve some Hygiene Factors such as Supervision, Company Policy,...
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