Why Do People Join Gangs

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Why do people join gangs?
Gangs, or most people define as a group of criminals who band together for mutual protection and profit, are still widely increasing in the United States today. Even though everyone can agree that any gang related activities and crimes are against the law, people still joins it regardless with various reasons: Desire for protection, to appear cool, and have a sense of family.

People often join gangs to get a protection from others. Especially in ghetto, where most of the gangs originate from, people struggles to live every day because of a high crime rate and low income. Joining gangs would be the only way for them to live safely because they seek to protect one another.

While some people join gangs mainly to survive, the others are completely opposite. They join gangs in order to appear or sound “cool.” These mostly affects youth because they like to stand out than the rest especially at school. Some gangs are even designed to attract young recruits. Some wears the latest fashion trends, throw the hottest parties, and drive the coolest cars. They can appear to have the perfect lifestyle to a young kid who's looking to fit in somewhere. They have an image of "coolness" that has been established by the media.

Although some might think having a coolness and protection is some of the reasons why people join gangs, it is very situational and only targeted towards certain groups. Usually, the main reason why people join gangs is to have a feeling of family. Most of the gang members are from a broken family, abandoned child, and others that were not accepted from the society. They do not understand having a sense of people who actually “care” for one other. So when they join gangs and develop their first sense of strong bonds, they would most likely to be part of a gang.

There are many other reasons why people join gangs such as a peer pressure, need for money, excitement, and so on. But overall, people join gangs to be in part of something that they never have experienced before. Even though they know it is against the law to kill a person, do drugs, and possess illegal weapons, they will still do it regardless because they care for one another.

1. What is the full “official” name of the gang?
Blood Oath (Bloods) A.K.A. East Coast Bloods
2. What is the agenda or reason for the gang’s existence? Is it race, protection, drugs, or a combination of various factors? They are all about the protections. Bloods would risk their lives to protect the other members.

3. What are the gang’s colors and/or symbols? How do they identify themselves? B.L.O.O.D. stands for Brotherly Love Overriding Oppression and Destruction of Society. Wears red clothes to symbolize the blood.

D.O.G.S. stands for Doing Only Gangster S*it.
Star shaped symbol represents soul, body, unity, lost, and love. 4. What are three other things you have learned about this gang from the film? They have to take another person’s life in order to become bloods. They are usually respectful of the other gangs.

Bloods usually dominates the east and the west coast of U.S.

5. What did you find to be the most violent crime or dangerous activity the gang engaged in that was shown in the video? After G-check, whoever that hesitates to answer the blood questions gets killed. 6. What is the full “official” name of the gang?

Hell’s Angels
7. What is the agenda or reason for the gang’s existence? Is it race, protection, drugs, or a combination of various factors? Mostly known as “Fun for rebels,” Hell’s Angels is the biker gangs that seeks to discipline the other gangs. They mostly does the organized crimes and sells drugs.

8. What are the gang’s colors and/or symbols? How do they identify themselves? T.C.B. stands for Take Care of Business.
They sells their specialized drugs called D.O.A. in which stand for the Dust of Angels. They usually have a weekly chapter meeting at church.
9. What are three other things you have...
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