Why do people have homophobia?

Topics: Homosexuality, Gay, LGBT Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: October 11, 2013
Why do people have homophobia?
Everyone, regardless of gender or race, more or less displays homosexual tendency (Kinsey, 1948). At some point, homosexuality is not a problem, actually since 1975, the American Psychological Association has called on psychologists to remove lesbian, gay, and bisexual orientations from the mental illness (APA, 1975), which means homosexuality is more common than we can imagine. The real issue is homophobia ‐‐the hatred or fear of homosexuals. Homophobia can occur for three main reasons: conflict with the religion, depression of same-sex desires and controlling parents. Someone who is religious may probably agree with that the homophobic is odious, because most major religions regard homosexuality as immoral. The Jewish and Christian Bible also describes homosexual activity as an “abomination” (Katz, 1999), they thought homosexual behavior is evil and is “runs counter to the will of God” (ADL, 2001). For these reasons some people think they are superior to homosexuals. According to ADL (2001), many conservative religious leaders even propagated that the gay community has the danger of threatening to America. Which cause sounds ridiculous is that those individuals who are opposed to gays may themselves have same-sex desires, for some reasons they do not dare to show this side of them. People who have homophobia may not truly hate homosexuals but fear for their own same-sex impulses (Ryan, 2012). Somebody is unable to accept other’s homosexual behavior because they cannot accept themselves. Prejudice of homophobia could come from the bias of parents, friends and society. People who have the family particularly those with homophobia views are more likely to have homophobia. Controlling parents are common in fundamentalist families, usually defeat their children from developing a sense of autonomy. Children whom in this sort of families cannot have their own idea about homosexuality, they were educated that...

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