Why Do People Fail to Mature?

Topics: Psychology, Mind, Adolescence Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: August 25, 2013
Can You Handle It?
Do you think that you are ready?

The teenagers of our generation, with all the latest innovations and novelties today, are being fed with lots of information and lore. To our dismay, taking in too much information will end up being strapped on a chair, paralyzed, and unable to move. Managing to contain all these beaucoup ideas is difficult. Our mind just keeps on storing files. But what about our Are you sure you can handle it?

A great paradox in a teenager’s life, too much knowledge makes one unable to function. The problem with teens these days, they get ahead of themselves, making them curious about legion things. Exploring the unknown is fun and exciting for it enriches our minds with new ideas and thoughts. However, using liberty to do is quite over the line. The question is, are the teenagers of this generation ready? Unequivocally, no, they are not ready. Well, at least, not now, not yet.

Whilst on the other hand, I ask you again, if your emotional growth is stunted, do you think that you have developed enough to say that you have really matured? If you ask me, I do not think so! If your emotions control your actions and decisions and if you make these fast and careless, you might want to have second thoughts. This factor, your emotions, hinders your maturity growth. Our feelings are our weakness. Ergo, we must take into considerations compromising in making our decisions. It is for us to make our cognitive and emotional maturity to grow forth. We must develop this gradually.

We gain too much knowledge than we could take in. However, we are not capable of handling this much for we are not yet ready. Our intellect may have been pacing up but our psychological aspect isn’t catching up that fast. You are a teenager, undergoing puberty, who is in the middle of being an adult and being a child. If you rush ahead in knowing things, you must not know, and hastening the chances of being an adult immediately will get you stucked...
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