Why Do Men Cheat?

Topics: Marriage, Adultery, Infidelity Pages: 4 (957 words) Published: January 14, 2011
Jannie Batts
Why do Men Cheat? University of Pheonix Mr. Henderson June 25, 2010

Men who cheat do not think about the consequences behind what they do. Majority of men have reputations for being unfaithful. Men in committed relationships have illicit affairs for a variety of reasons, which includes: a tragic medical condition, a pregnancy under way, issues about money and the fact that he might not get the wanted attention he’s been looking for. Truth and deception can break up a home and family because even though they forgive it is hard to forget what broke up and who broke your home. Adultery is consensual sex between a married man and another woman other than spouse. An individual who has been charged with committing adultery may have a valid legal defense, such as the failure or physical incapacity to consummate the sex act. Some states have three goals in support of their adultery laws: 1. The preservation of the institution of marriage

2. The prevention of diseases and illegitimate children

3. And the safeguarding of general community morals.
Speaking from experience when the author found out that her boyfriend was being unfaithful. She confronted him at first and all he did was deny it. Then finally she followed him for a few months and he kept going to the same house every night. Finally she went to the woman’s home to confront her. When she did come to the door, the author’s boyfriend who was constantly over the other woman’s home, just wanted to find out the truth, wanting to know if they were really doing what she thought they was. The other woman kept lying and so did the man. The reasoning behind this story is that during all of this, the author was being...

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