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Why Do Couples Break Up!!

Oct 08, 1999 981 Words
In our complex society there are marriages and relationships that succeed and comparably many that do not. Unfortunately, many small conflicts within people do not resolve easily and lead up to divorces and/or break ups. It is unfair to say that particular sex is responsible for all the causes the difficulties in relationships. Therefore, both sides should be analyzed closely to find the flaws within the relationships. Most men think that their girlfriends or wives are the main problem makers, and strongly oppose the fact that they are the problem too. Similarly, women find their own reasons to blame their men for the failures of their relationships. However, everything comes to a point where each person should take a look at their own flaws and also consider the problems in their own sex, that unfortunately cause their marriage to dissolve in the big pot of misunderstanding and confusion. From women’s point of view we can see that men are not the perfect human beings, which they think they are. Women come up with countless causes that build up tension between couples. Important of all, men are blamed for every single thing. Major causes that raise difficulties and rifts within relationships are men’s irresponsible spending, their habit for gawking at other girls, and that they usually forget special occasions. First of all, a main cause that is commonly identified by many females is that men go for other girls and gawk at them even in their presence. Many conflicts in relationships arise from a fact that men like to gawk at other girls. This makes girls crazy because they think that their husbands will eventually go for other girls. My second cousin, Anthony, was married for over seven years, but unfortunately things did not work out between him and his wife. There were several reasons that lead up to their divorce, and behind each reason Anthony was guilty. From his wife’s point of view he was a cheater and awful person, because he once started talking with some pretty girl in restaurant where his wife was also there. Definitely it was his fault that they had a conflict over this issue. Anthony should have been more responsible for his actions that day at the restaurant. Looking at the bigger picture almost all men are like that. Most can not resist passing a cute girl and not looking at her or even making a conversation. For this particular reason most women start off conflicts which eventually lead to break ups and divorces. The worst of all is that men are always guilty, because they do not think straight in some situations. Another obvious reason why couples break up is believed to be the irresponsible money spending. For many women that is irritating and a major problem that eventually causes breaks ups. One might hear a lot of complains from wives that are angry at their husband’s money spending. A form of spending that many women are unhappy with is the gambling problem. A big portion of men do not care about their future at a given moment, and lose their money to a last penny. Anthony was also a big gambler. He could not resist not going to a casino on his payday. For two months he did not bring home any money, because he was spending it all. After coming home one day without his car, because he lost it too, his five packed up and left him. This is typically what happens to the couple that have this problem in their house. Again logic suggests that men are the cause for most of the problems between couples. Because they chose to live a life that they like, they get back what they might not expect, a divorce. One more reason that contributes to the causes for break ups is that most of the time man forget important occasions. A special gift or a bouquet of roses is the hope of a girl to get for an anniversary or a birthday. Unfortunately, most men forget that special day. This sole reason makes women mad at their husbands and boyfriends. Their carelessness makes women think that they are unimportant to their men. This little detail in marriage makes a footstep towards a divorce. Not realizing what it means for a woman to get attention, men keep ignoring many aspects of relationship including the special days which mean everything to women. A friend of mine, Tony, had a serious relationship with a girl for over a year. Unthinkable happened when we heard that they broke up. What was the reason. Tony knew well, he forgot to go to his girlfriends birthday party, to which he was invited to. Instead he went cruising around with his cousins that same evening. As you can see, every problem in relationship starts from a man’s careless action. There are numerous factors and causes that contribute to why couples break up. However, men cause most of the problems because they carelessly spend their money, all the time gawk at pretty girls, and always seem to forget the special occasions. Men might not think that their actions can be very offensive to their ladies. However, the truth is that a small thing such as forgetting to show up for your girlfriend’s birthday party, causes anger and tension between couples. Moreover, men like to gamble irresponsibly. From women’s point of view, this type of action is unacceptable. Hence, this is a major cause of break ups. Important of all is that most men gawk at other girls all the time. Whether alone or in presence of their wives. As one can figure, most problems come from men. Everything they do seem to be wrong and careless towards women. At least this is what girls think.

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