Why Do Countries Create Alliances?

Topics: World War II, Soviet Union, United States Pages: 5 (1900 words) Published: November 12, 2012
Countries believe that forming alliance can protect their sovereignty and security of their nation. The alliance can be beneficial but it can also be harmful, where there is no benefit out of it. Alliances each have their own purpose and meaning. Throughout history countries have made alliances to protect social and economic interests among themselves. When countries have others besides them it is easy to say that they are benefiting from the alliance. Countries can carry out plans with other countries, which make it simpler as a group, but there will always be the disadvantages. Not all members would want to be part of the alliance but if it protects their sovereignty then they would do anything to do so. Countries make alliances with countries for different motives, interests and to be in a better strategic position. It can be more than protecting the nation but also putting your country one step further with an alliance. One of the many objectives of creating alliances with other countries is complete or carries out plans. These plans may have different variations of interest among countries. Some countries make temporary alliances just to have their own interests not threatened by each other. Countries may share similar interest and create similar tasks where each of them can be involved and help each other. An example of this is the Cuban Missile Crisis. Cuba and the Soviet Union were both communist and shared similar interests. The Soviet Union created an alliance with Cuba and used Cuba by placing missiles within Cuba to protect itself from the United States of America. We see that countries that form multiple alliances seem stronger but these alliances mean nothing if there is any sign of a strategic twist. Countries look for support from other countries when they have similar interest but also when they have concerns and are worried about their country. They look to other countries that can help them from a military stand point as well as an economic stand point. Hitler made allies with Italy and Japan because he needed some one in the pacific to keep the United States of America occupied while he had the advantage in Europe. Hitler had no interest in Japan or Italy but the alliance was made so he could carry out his plans. He put their sovereignty and security at stake as well as his own when he made this alliance. This shows the risks of an alliance rather than the alliance being a ticket of protection. Some countries may be in an area where they are threatened by other countries and need to create alliances to help them with their objective and motives. Alliances have different variations when formed according to the situation at the moment. Alliances can be formed to be intimidating forces towards different countries or alliances. The alliances of the World Wars were different kinds of alliances in a war situation. We had Germany and its allies as an offensive alliance as they started the conflict and Great Britain with its allies as a defensive alliance against Germany. Offensive alliances are formed when the interests of countries is to have military strength and prosper by dominating others. A defensive alliance could be the alliance that is created to counter an offensive alliance. The Triple Alliance was an offensive alliance where all members were bound on spreading their ideas on to the world while the Triple Entente was created to counter the Triple Alliance and stop their radical ideas and maintain world peace which is another reason to create an alliance. These types of alliances carried on into post World War Europe or the Cold War. We still has an offensive alliance and a defensive alliance being created. The Soviet Union was now making allies with developing nations, creating an Eastern Bloc. These formations of alliances obviously posed a threat to non-communist countries and they needed to counter the offensive Soviet Union who was determined to balance out power of military strength. The...
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