Why Did You Choose to Apply to Ucf?

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Why did you choose to apply at UCF?

I want to continue my education by attending a 4-year university. What better place to do that then the University of Central Florida. UCF is the 3rd largest University in the country- home to over 53,000 students. Choosing a large university is important to me as I feel it will provide me with not only a plethora of choices as far as degree programs but it will also give me the lifestyle I am looking for. UCF has over 400 registered student organizations, intramural sports, Greek life and student government. These extra activities will give me plenty of opportunity to meet new people and get involved. Another reason I applied to UCF is "tradition". Ever since my family moved here from New York in 1995 I have witnessed firsthand the growth and transformation of UCF. Driving in the car down University Blvd with the gold and black banners hanging from the lampposts alerts you that you are entering the home of the Knights. From the alumni with their car flags to the students walking around the local malls in their UCF apparel, everyone is proud to be a "Knight". One of the biggest traditions at UCF is called the "Spirit Splash". This is a tradition that takes place during homecoming week and is one of the only times during the year that students, alumni, teachers, local residents and even pets can wade in the reflection pond on campus. Events like these "unite" a large university and make it seem like we all share something together. Student life at UCF is diverse and vibrant. UCF offers a large variety of intercollegiate athletics that compete in the NCAA Division 1. It has added a brand new arena for concerts and shows, a brand new stadium for tailgating and support of the UCF Knights. UCF is located in east Orlando. Only 45 minutes to the beach, 25 minutes to downtown and 45 minutes to the theme parks- it is centrally located and encourages a lifestyle outside of campus. UCF seems to have everything I am looking...
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