Why Did the Spanish Armada Win?

Topics: Spanish Armada, Elizabeth I of England, Francis Drake Pages: 3 (1528 words) Published: May 27, 2014
Why Did The Spanish Armada’s Plan To Overthrow Protestant England In 1588 Fail?

It was believed the Spanish Armada were a formidable force and could not be beaten; their weapons and tactics were far superior to any other countries. However, the inevitable happened, they were beaten and in this enquiry I will talk about the reasons and factors to why the Spanish Armada ended up getting beat trying to overthrow protestant England in 1588.

The conflict between England and Spain had been going on for a while before the attempt to invade England. It was part of the Anglo-Spanish war of 1585-1604 and the invasion by the Spanish Armada itself took place in July of 1588. This war was never actually declared, however, there was always tension between the two countries as Catholic Spain was not happy with England being a protestant country. So they wanted to overthrow Queen Elizabeth I and introduce a Catholic King or Queen to run the country. Even though the Anglo-Spanish war finished in 1604 the Spanish Armada were officially defeated in 1588 and never made a comeback and the Spanish army were never called the Armada again. It was the end of the reign of Superiority for the Spanish’s so called invincible armada as they were finally defeated by the English naval force in July 1588.

The first reason for why the Spanish Armada’s plan failed was because of the non-experience of the newly appointed Medina Sidona as the new leader of the Armada, because of the death of Marquis of Santa Cruz. Phillip the Second was soon to realise this was a very bad decision as Medina made some costly mistakes and was a non-experienced noble and was appointed purely because of his rank in the country. The decision to appoint him was definitely a factor of the failure as in the tricky situations the Armada found themselves in, Medina cowered away and was not brave enough to make the decisions and lead his fleet. Linked in to the appointment of Medina was another factor of the failure...
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