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Why did the romans invade britain

By maha-awepic Dec 13, 2014 408 Words
Why Did the
Romans Invade

Britain had lots of things
the Romans wanted


 As the Roman Empire grew bigger
there were more and more people to
 More and more Romans started
living in towns leaving fewer people
in the country to grow crops

Valuable Metals: Silver
 The Romans made their
money out of silver – more
coins were needed as the
Empire grew.
 Britain already had silver
mines that the Romans knew
 Silver was a luxury item for
rich Romans – so there was
a big demand for it.

Other Valuable Metals:
Gold and Tin
 Gold was used
for jewellery.
 Gold was used
in trade as a
means of
 There was a
scarcity of gold
(not much of it
about ) but
Britain had

 Tin and pewter
were used for
cups and plates.
 Tin could be
mixed with other
metals to make
strong, hard

The Romans used a lot
of lead!
 Lead was really
useful for the
 Lead was used
to make water
pipes and
 Lead was also
used to make
coffins like the
one pictured

 Romans planned to used
captured Britons as slaves.
 Roman society was a slave based
economy so their was a big
demand for slaves in the rest of
the empire
 Slaves could be used to work for
rich Romans or for entertainment

Raw Materials: Wool
and Leather
 Wool was used
for making
Roman togas
(see picture
below) and also
for stuffing

 The Roman
army used a lot
of leather in
uniforms and in
soldiers tents.
 Leather was
also used to
make buckets.

 The Romans wanted to show
how powerful they were by
conquering more and more
 They believed it was their duty
to this and make the world
“civilised” like them
 Read the quote on the next
slide to see what they thought
about this!

The Roman Idea
 “Remember you are a Roman. It will
be your job to rule over other
countries, so that the world becomes
peaceful and everyone obeys the
law.” written by Virgil 20BC

Ambition: Julius Caesar
 Julius Caesar
was an
general in the
Roman army
 He knew that if
he led a military
victory against
Britain it would
strengthen his
position and his

 The Britons had been helping
the Gauls (French) fight
against the Romans.
 The Romans wanted to punish
the Britons for this

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