Why Did The 1905 Revolution Fail

Topics: Saint Petersburg, Russia, Nicholas II of Russia Pages: 3 (1616 words) Published: February 8, 2015
Why did the 1905 revolution fail?
The 1905 revolution failed due to many factors, all of which helped the Tsar government overcome the revolutionaries to varying extents. The aim of the revolutionaries was to gain governmental reform, however the Tsar’s aim was not to lose power. During the 1905 revolution one reason as to why the revolution failed was due to the number of strikes done by industry workers. In February 1905, 400,000 workers went on strike due to the response of the bloody Sunday, the strikes were organised by the unhappy workers and were not organised by the revolutionaries (in fact the revolutionaries were taken by surprise by the sheer number of strikes in Russia). Due to the fact that there had been a lot of riots in the past in Russia the peasants and workers had developed some organising abilities, the strikers created soviets which were worker’s councils which would direct the strike, the first strike was in St Petersburg then it moved to Moscow and then to other industrial centres. This was the first general strike which was the most throughout and successful in Russian history as due to their actions the whole of Russia became paralysed and as the railway workers went on strike the government were instantly threatened as the railways were important for the movement of troops. The strikes weren’t very effective in making the revolution fail as the strikes done by the workers were actually successful and in hindsight it helped the revolution win but however the strikes led to the revolution as it caused the government to recognise lots of problems and encouraged the government to step up and help solve the problems so it was one of the turning points. Also another reason the 1905 Russian revolution failed was due to the mutinies which were done by the armed forces and navy. When the after effects of bloody Sunday happened mutinies started to occur in parts of the army and navy. Hardly any of them were actually in either in St Petersburg or...
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